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None of the projects would be possible without the funding and support by international partners. Currently, the team cooperates with the World Bank and the Inter-American Development Bank. Key experts from these organizations are involved in all stages of the research, which leads to fruitful exchange of knowledge and ideas for further research across disciplines.

The World Bank characterizes itself as a “unique partnership to reduce poverty and support development”. With its projects in developing countries around the world, it aims at decreasing the percentage of people who live on less than 1.90$ each day. The projects in Togo, Ethiopia, and Mexico were initiated and are financed by the World Bank.

The Inter-American Development Bank seeks to improve people`s lives in the Caribbean and Latin America. This involves financial and technical support, the promotion of health, education, and infrastructure. The project in Jamaica is a result of their extensive research initiatives in these regions.

A second major role in each project is filled by local implementation partners. Local institutions such as training or business development organizations take over the delivery and logistics of PI Training. Furthermore, they provide the team with the background knowledge about local conditions and the entrepreneurial sector in their countries which is inevitable to offer effective trainings to micro and small business owners.

  • Federal Micro & Small Enterprise Development Agency, Ethiopia
  • Federal TVET Agency,
  • Nefas Silk, General Wingate, Misrak, Entoto, Tegbareid, and Akaki TVET Colleges, Ethiopia
  • Jamaica Business Development Corporation (JBDC), Jamaica
  • Projet d’Appui au Développement du Secteur Privé (PADSP), Togo
  • Program “crea”,
  • USSIA (Ugandan Small Scale Industry Association), Uganda
  • UWEAL (Uganda Women Entrepreneurship Association, Ltd.), Uganda
  • Katwe Metal Fabricators Cluster Association, Uganda
  • Ugandan Chamber of Commerce, Uganda